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With iLauncher:

-Install my VJPhoneTools.

-Navigate to your startmenu using gsfinder+ or similar (you'll need an explorer that can make shortcuts, I recommend gsfinder+)

-Copy the shortcut example for each of the programs you will need from the vijay555\vjphonetools\ directory of your startmenu. Copy these .lnk files and paste into a new folder anywhere, eg \My Documents\My Phone Shortcuts (ie you will have to make the folder "My Phone Shortcuts" in your "My Documents" first)

-Click on hold on each shortcut to edit its properties as required. eg the VJDialer example that you may need is currently set up as "\Program Files\vijay555\VJDialer.exe" 1234 Change the 1234 to your contacts's number etc. That should be it for the shortcut. Copy each shortcut and paste it with a new name for each contact you want to call. You should end up with a folder full of shortcuts for your contacts.

-in iLauncher, choose add shortcut, navigate to \My Documents\My Phone Shortcuts and point it at each shortcut.


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