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VJSMSSender Class0

This is a one off to fill a request on my forum.

This is a simple extension of my VJSMSSender from VJPhoneTools, but is used to send Class 0 SMS.

Class 0 SMS, for those who don't know, is an SMS that is sent directly to the recipient's phone and will appear immediately on the screen, without requiring the recipient to go into the Inbox. Also, the SMS is not saved in the inbox, so there is no trace of it on the phone. Great for illicit affairs!

Please use it responsibily, I don't know if there are any special rules about Class 0 SMS, but if there are
any objections I'll remove it.

Class 0 is basically exactly the same as VJSMSSender, for which, see here:

Read down through the page until you reach about VJSMSSender.

For Class 0, copy the .exe file to the same place as VJSMSSender,
\Program Files\vijay555\
Load gsfinder, go to this folder, highlight it, choose copy, choose paste shortcut.
Click the shortcut, choose properties, choose shortcut tab, and then enter a shortcut like
 "\Program Files\vijay555\VJSMSSenderClass0.exe" 1234 I want to give you money!
This will send a class 0 message to 1234 with the specified text.

It doesn't come with a cab, just use in exactly the same way as VJSMSSender.

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