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WM5 and WM2003 compatible

This app is designed to be assigned to a hardware key or to be used with a program like SmallMenu or Xbar.
It will simulate pressing the OK button or Close button.

Note: it will close apps, not minimise them. So it can be used as a tiny taskmanager, to close tasks to save memory.

It can use serveral command line options to tweak its behaviour:
will force programs to minimise (normal OS action) and NOT close

 will hangup the phone if you are in a phone call.

 will force the phone to close, not minimise, to save extra memory (but will cause minor incompatibility with dialing from contacts - reload with VJTogglePhone or launching cprog.exe)

 jump to the phone if in a call. Otherwise press ok/close. Used to ensure you know you're in a phonecall.

 simply click the existing ok button (for compatibility with other task managers)

 in normal use I use VJOkButt to close down all apps as I'm going. However, if you're on the Today screen, this option will cause VJOkButt to switch to any other apps currently running.

 WM2003 only. If a reminder pops up in normal use, it blocks all access to the normal features of the phone (eg you can't make a call. However, if you don't want to snooze 30 reminders immediately, this feature will cause the reminders to be "ghosted", disappear. You can access the "ghosted" version in the tray - click on the alarm icon. However, to get the reminder back, go to the Today screen and click your VJOkButt button. Reminder will come back! 

PLEASE NOTE: because reminders don't like being hidden, they will still try to get your attention from time to time. You will notice this because they will "steal focus", ie try to show themselves, even though they're hidden. This means that when you are writing text with the SIP etc, your input will stop suddenly etc. I cannot preven this OS feature (right now. I will consider trying to override it later). So don't leave reminders hidden forever, it will become inconvenient.

 WM2003 only. When a normal reminder is on screen, clicking VJOkButt once will cause the reminder to be remodelled for easier thumb use. (Use this in conjunction with hidereminder and first click will remodel, second click will hide)

 show about box

Reminders before remodel:

Reminders after:

Ghosted Reminders (in tray)

Any problems, please post in my forum!

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Release info:
02.01.2006  v0.10:   Initial version.
08.01.2006  v0.50:   Major update to enable phone control
13.01.2006  v0.55:   Decreased size and removed "feature" where VJOKButt would jump to the phone if you're in a call but not in the phone app
20.01.2006  v0.61:   Re-inserted phjump and added justclick
13.02.2006  v0.70:   GRPS Bug fix (shouldn't hang up grps calls), ghost reminders, remodel reminders, taskswitch
15.02.2006  v0.71:   Minor bug fix - occassionaly calls were being detected that weren't in progress.
16.02.2006  v0.72:   Fixed "Dismiss All" remodelling bug when >1 reminder shown

Minor bug related to closing Isilo and similar pages to be fixed.

NOTE: Feel free to link to this or any of my pages anywhere you want, but please don't distribute the software directly. I need to keep track of releases and updates etc.

download Download the cab (v0.7)

download v0.63


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