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WM2003 and WM5 compatible.

HTC Magician and HTC Universal SuperBrightness

You may have observed that on the HTC Magician and HTC Universal, when starting the camera the screen briefly goes extra bright. This is brighter than the normal maximum brightness available to the user.

I have developed a technique for using this SuperBright mode. This simply tricks the system into thinking the camera is always running, hence always SuperBright. 

It must be noted that this program, if used incorrectly, will cause your phone to hard reset, so please follow the instructions carefully. I accept no responsibility if your phone hard resets due to improper use (or any other responsibility!)

I don’t know the effect of running your screen so bright for prolonged periods. However, it’s basically just enabling the camera, so if the camera works SuperBright safely, VJLumos should too.

The SuperBright mode can ONLY be achieved once per soft reset.
This means, use it once, and then when you power off the Phone it will go back to normal brightness again.

If you try to run your camera again, it WILL HARD RESET the Magician
So take a backup before use, and use it properly. To reenable SuperBright you will have to soft reset again.

VJLumos cannot (hopefully) be shut down after it’s been run, to remind you that you’ve run it once and not to run the camera again.

VJLumos will show you a warning on startup. This can be optionally overridden by starting the program with a command line “silent”, eg
vjlumos.exe silent”

This program works, but just remember not to run the camera until you soft reset again. Caveat Emptor.

Please post in the forum if this software is successful or not.

- If you find yourself in a strange screen with a cross on it, press hangup (the red key) or somehow go back to Today screen.

- I don't recommend putting this in your startup folder. It needs to play around with the camera, and your startup may be slow, causing problems with interacting with it.

It appears that there are different versions of the camera.exe program on our phones. I'm using ROM 1.12. If you have incompatibilies, you can download the camera.exe from my ROM here. Install it in your \windows\ folder. If there are any copyright issues I'll take it down.

If you continue to have difficulties, check VJLumosLite

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Release info:
26 October 2005

NOTE: Feel free to link to this or any of my pages anywhere you want, but please don't distribute the software directly.
I need to keep track of releases and updates etc.

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