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 VJDeviceLock - WM5 only

This program is only for use with the new Phone Roms that provide the Today Plugin, "Device Lock".

This small program can be launched, and it will immediately lock the phone using that plugin.

I'm not sure what it's compatible with - it works on my HTC Universal, and may work on the HTC Wizard.

This program could be assigned to a hardware key, or set to be activated every time you switch on the Phone, to have it automatically locked.

Using the displayoff mode you can switch off the display and lock the keys, permitting use while listening to music etc.

VJDeviceLock can install a notifcation event, so that every time you switch on the Phone, it will autolock.
Remember to -remove before uninstalling VJDeviceLock or you will get error messages.

The DeviceLock Today plugin is not required for use!

 Command Line Options 
 (none) Enable lock
 -pwroff Lock and power off
 -install Install automatic lock on power on
 -remove Remove automatic lock
 -displayoff Switch off display and lock
 -displayon Switch on display
 -displaytoggle Toggle display

The default shortcuts will only work on English language OS in the default install folder. Please edit the shortcuts for non English versions.

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Release info: 
 v0.1  31.03.2006  Initial version
 v0.2 01.04.2006 Command line options for notification
 v0.3 29.08.2006 Rewritten to not require today plugin to be loaded. Also smaller.
 v0.4 04.09.2006 Added DisplayLock and Display Toggle functions

NOTE: Feel free to link to this or any of my pages anywhere you want, but please don't distribute the software directly. I need to keep track of releases and updates etc.

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