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WM5 Phone Compatible after applying the VGA hack seen here

This small program is used to reformat the Phone Dialer that gets all shrunk down after applying the VGA hack.
It will allow the phone to be usable in VGA mode.

Normal VGA mode:

After VJBigPhone:



Landscape mode before VJBigPhone:



After VJBigPhone:


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NOTE: Feel free to link to this or any of my pages anywhere you want, but please don't distribute the software directly.
I need to keep track of releases and updates etc.

Release info:

v 0.1
-27 November 2005: Initial (test?) release

v 0.3:
-Updated to fix the video button and now to support resident version (fixes the phone 0.5 seconds after you rotate, to allow for any slowdown caused by other software).

v 0.5:
-used generic code fix routine. Caused some problems with speed dialler.
-fixed the wireless manager as well.

-Implemented fix for speed dialler and others.
-Implemented balloon icon and background fixing.
-Implemented early international support.

-Removed Wireless Manager code
-Moved from Nofication Icon to Tray Icon
-Removed all background timers for efficiency

-Fix memory leak
-If loaded a second time, load, fix and focus on the phone.

- draw a black outline around the icon in case you have white background
- tried to deal with the PIN input screen (see here)

- added internal international support. No international command line required. Thanks Crino!
- added close phone option

The cab file will install VJBigPhoneRes in your start menu > vijay555 > vjbigphone.
- Run VJBigPhoneRes after installation.
- It will load and fix the phone in the background.
- The phone will stay fixed on changing orientation. If you use a task manager, tell it to ignore closing cprog.exe (the phone) for convenience.
- If you do close the phone, click "Load and Fix" from the tray icon to load and fix!
- It can be installed in the startup folder for convenience.

You must unload the previous versions before installing the latest version.

To fix the white graphic problem on the phone dialler, and to make the button text larger, see here. 

Azhad is a demi-God! Thanks to everyone who've thrown in on this Project!

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